Barb Rodriguez, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!


After 15 plus hours of swimming, biking and running, those were the words our Athlete of the Month Barb Rodriguez heard as she crossed the finish line at Ironman-Arizona.

The closer you get to your first Ironman, the more anxious you get, Brab's final blog entries included: Last Will and Testament, Meltdown and We'll all Float OK. Nerve's are a part of any endurance endeavor, it's how we channel that energy to get us to the starting line and beyond that separates the finishers from the spectators.  

A great coach, training, support of her family, dedication and a quick stop at the Lincoln Avenue Space Time Tanks for a bit of sensory deprivation(a must try) and 140.6 miles later, mission accomplished.

Picture 4.png

We are proud of you Barb and all of the other amazing athletes who crossed the finish line yesterday, you have earned this.  Nike is proud of you as well and has some post race goodies waiting for you when you get home.


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  • Way to go, IRON BARB!! Word is you also beat your spouse's Ironman time - Way to show him who's boss! We tracked you through the day and watched your finish on the internet. Where did you find the energy for the double jump and heel kick at the end? A very impressive finish for a very remarkable lady.

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