An Open Letter to My Common Sense.

Dear Common Sense:


I miss you.  I hope you are having a good time where ever you are.  I wanted to catch you up on a few things that have been going on here in Chicago, while you were gone.

I decided to run a marathon.  Not next year or next month, but next week.  Yep, at the time it seemed like a good idea, and since there was nothing internally to remind me that running a marathon, means actually running 26.2 miles. 
I am "all in" on this baby.

Now, Common Sense would tell me that it takes a lot of training and preparation to get your body and mind ready for something like this.  Since you are obviously on vacation, I never got that message.  Sort of like the time I decided to try and see how many shots of tequila I could drink in a night.  If memory serves correctly, you were at a spa for a week, with my liver?

So, here we go.  Next Sunday, I will be at the starting line with several thousand other runners and one special runner (to be named soon) ready to embark on a 26.2 mile journey through Chicago.  

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Luckily, the coaches at Chicago Endurance Sports are loaded with common sense, they have hundreds of athletes running in the marathon and have jumped in to help me get as ready as possible  and make sure I make it across the finish line.  I still have humility, and am eternally grateful.

Humility-1, Common Sense-0.  However, my wife keeps reminding me "you don't really need to run the entire race, you can just catch up with the person you are featuring, along the way."  Common Sense, would agree with her and follow that plan. 
Again, since you have checked out to follow The Bid in Copenhagen or more like have brownies in Amsterdam (I know you), I am running the entire enchilada.

So my friend, I hope to see you soon.  The Holiday season is coming up and I have my eye on a new Porsche (on a bloggers salary), please come home, before it's too late!  By the way, if you see my internal monologue, send it my regards, I haven't seen that since I called the sports writers of Chicago "fat, ass kissing, hot dog suckers."

See you at the finish line.




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  • Dave,

    A friend of mine just did IM Wisconsin. He injured himself in May and only ran 20 miles before the race (that comes out to about 5 miles a month), and no run more than three miles. He PR'd by three minutes and still did the marathon in 4:55.

    Also, I need not remind you that my wife once ran 22 miles without having run in a decade (she was never a runner, but she did have to run for gym in high school) and in a pair of five-year-old gym shoes.

    In other words... training is overrated.... LOL.

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