We Back The Bid!

It's almost time, and we wanted to show our support, as well as the support of the endurance community in Chicago and beyond. 

If you have thoughts about Chicago 2016, let us know.

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Sarah Haskins- "This is a great sports town. The food, the people, the location. I would love to see an Olympics here."


Max Multisport!!!!


Matt Reed backs The Bid! "Chicago is a great city and a great place to race. It would be an amazing venue to host an Olympics."

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Hunter Kemper - "Absolutely! It's been too long since we have had a Summer Olympics in the United States, if it happens, it will be great for the country."


Team Moji - The "Coolest" kids in town.


Runners High N' Tri - Showing Their Olympic Pride

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Jenna Shoemaker - "Chicago is an iconic city, it's beautiful, has a great sports community. The fans and athletes are some the best in the country."

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John Duke - Founder of Triathlete Magazine, Backing The Bid

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Triathlete, author, inspiration Sarah Reinertsen.


Keeping you hydrated and Backing The Bid, the team from ZYM Electrolyte Drink Tabs.


Turin bike shop, showing their pride as they back the bid.

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