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We Back The Bid!

It’s almost time, and we wanted to show our support, as well as the support of the endurance community in Chicago and beyond.  If you have thoughts about Chicago 2016, let us know. Sarah Haskins- “This is a great sports town. The food, the people, the location. I would love to see an Olympics here.”... Read more »

Fleet Feet Sports Fall Fitness Fashion Show

Sunday night I was at an event that had me more nervous than the Ironman swim, my heart pounding and my legs weak.  This was the ultimate test my my will power and courage. I was a model(Ashley Bond and Ginger Zee must have been busy!). Walking the catwalk for the Fleet Feet Sports Fall... Read more »

Could Wind Keep Chicago From Hosting The Olympics?

Chicago’s Wind Weighs Down Olympic Bid By Amy Freeze, WFLD Chicago – A little wind is what you expect during late summer on Chicago’s lake front. But when it comes to outdoor Olympic sports, Chicago wind may be too much of a good thing. The new International Olympic Committee report says Chicago’s weather is a... Read more »

Looking for a slow marathon runner.

With the Chicago Marathon coming up in a few weeks, a lot of press is going surround the winners and world record holders coming to Chicago race. This is a flat, fast course and a world record is always a possibility in Chicago.  While we will cover the marathon from every angle, one that I... Read more »

Would You Bid For This Woman On Ebay? The Aftermath!

Congratulations to the winning bidder!  $275.00!  That’s what it cost to have dinner and an autograph jersey with Olympic hopeful Jenna Shoemaker in Las Vegas. You are going to have a great night, because Jenna Shoemaker is a smart, engaging young woman who loves her sport. An example. When Jenna was in Chicago for the... Read more »


Beauty and The Beast Live Show.  Tonight at Equinox Fitness, Ashley Bond and I will both be there from 5:00 until they kick us out.   Stop on in to 900 North Michigan to meet us, get training tips and sign up for a free 6 month membership to Equinox Fitness!  This is a great... Read more »

Would You Bid For This Woman On Ebay?

Photo By Navid Matoory It ain’t  easy being an Olympian, we all know that.  The sacrifice, the time, the long hours away from family and friends, working to perfect their sport.  Winning a Gold Medal can mean millions, but working towards that goal can mean years of living on couches and empty bank accounts. Jenna... Read more »

Leave Your Car At Home Today!!

World Carfree Day is an annual celebration that asks you to leave your car at home.  Ride your bike to work, take public transportation, walk, not too hard of a request.  One simple day free from the noise, stress and pollution of cars. Every September 22 (today), people from around the world get together in... Read more »

Ironman Wisconsin 2009- A Look Back

A week after Ironman- Wisconsin, most of the muscles have stopped aching and all that’s left are great memories.  We are fortunate enough to have two different writers share their views of this years event. The first a race summary, the second an inside look at what it takes to make it across the finish... Read more »

Crossing Over: My Journey to Ironman

To me, Ironman isn’t about checking another item off the Bucket List. It’s about pushing yourself to go beyond your mental limits to really see what’s possible. As famed runner Steve Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” By Richard Ratay It’s been 36 hours since I crossed... Read more »