Chicago Shoreline Marathon- Race Review.

Despite 3 foot waves and some pretty intense wind, the Chicago Shoreline Marathon kicked off on Saturday, with athletes competing from 9 different states and 3 continents, the results were a great day of racing with world class athletes.  The Chicago Shoreline Marathon was yet another feather in the Olympic cap of Chicago, proving that we have what it takes to host the 2016 Games.


Before I get started on the race.  Attention single women of Chicago!!!
If you are looking to meet a lean, muscle bound, hulking man of a man, start hanging out at these races.
After 2:06:11 of intense exercise, South African Dawid Mocke came paddling to the shore, hoisted up his kayak with one arm and emerged from the lake like a chiseled, tan Adonis.  My knees got a little weak.  Forget the gym, the bars, take a kayak lesson, these guys are a mixture of lifeguard and pro beach volleyball players.

It's hard for me to report on a sport that I am still learning, but I think that's the point, once you try a kayak race, you get hooked and want to learn more.   Kayaking has the intensity of the swim in a triathlon, the workout of a great run(without the pounding) and the tranquility of a long bike ride out in the country(without the mommies in SUV's).  

The athletes who broke their way through the waves on Saturday have mastered this sport and made it look simple, as they made their way North to Leone Beach, then there was the media relay.


Three teams of local media were  there competing to win the honor of, well nothing, but there to support the sport and the charity element of the event. 

Ginger Zee- NBC, Chris Sower-Fox and Ty Bentll- Kiss FM, get MVP honors.  Ginger, for working the morning news, changing, hauling butt to the race, racing and then heading back to work.  Chris for coming out at the last minute and gutting it out.  Ty, for getting dunked in the icy water and kept on smiling.  Amy Freeze-FOX.  She looks so sweet on the news, but don't let that fool you, she is a lioness, a true competitor.  When she hit the water, she was flying, luckily she was on my team and we won, did I mention we won, yep we won!  Ramblin Ray Stevens- US99, is a solid S-T-U-D, stud.  If the radio thing doesn't work out, he could be fullback for Da' Bears.  Dina Bair- WGN, rockin' a bikini...yummy.


The best part for me was being introduced to a new community of athletes who are just as passionate and committed to their sport as the rest of the endurance world.  If you want to find out more on the race or kayaking click here, to find out how to help support the US TOO Prostate Cancer charity, click here.  If you have kayak news, stories, results or events, let me know.


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  • Special thanks to a great coach, Steve Quin!

  • Diane - you're right! Steve rocked! So much fun. Can't wait to defend the title next year!

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