Andy Potts Up Date-"His heart rate fell to 20 beats/minute."

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Andy Potts' manager, Charlie Foltz, released the update regarding the condition of Andy Potts.

Andy Potts was involved in a major bike crash on Sunday, August 30 at the Chicago Triathlon.  Following placing first in the swim, Andy was involved in the bike crash at approximately mile eight on Lakeshore Drive when an age-group athlete drifted causing the collision as Potts attempted to pass.  At the time of the incident, Potts was riding with a tail wind and traveling at 37 mph which upon impact, caused him to slide 150-200 feet on the grooved pavement. His helmet protected him for head injury, but Potts did suffer road rash and received stitches in his right elbow from doctors who compared the crash to that of a motor cycle collision.

Despite Potts' efforts to finish the race, his bike frame was damaged beyond repair and he was unable to continue due to mechanical reasons.  He returned to the medical tent where the effects of the crash to Potts' body became evident. His vital signs dropped and his resting heart rate fell to 20 beats/minute at which point he lost consciousness.  EMTs responded immediately and Potts was transported to Northwestern Hospital where underwent medical care, inclusive of a CAT scan and X-Rays.  Based on the evaluations, doctors concluded there were no broken bones or internal injuries and he was released from the hospital that evening.

Potts traveled back home on Monday morning, and will be re-evaluated by doctors in Colorado Springs.  He will continue to rest in Colorado Springs and is out indefinitely until cleared by physicians to resume training and racing.

Potts appreciates the support and concerns of his fans, and will post updates on his rehabilitation regularly at

You can also leave Andy your thoughts and well wishes here and we will make sure to get them to him.


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  • David:
    Thanks for the udpdate on Andy Potts. And to Andy, our sincerest apologies for your accident!

    Needless to say/write, when race organizers better monitor the races and help EDUCATE the 'newbies' on proper race etiquette. Too often as any experienced cyclist will tell you..."on your left", means, just like driving an auto on the highway, stay to the right!!! I am going to overtake and pass you on THE LEFT!
    Luckily for the City Of Chicago, the IOC didn't catch sight of this major mishap! We would never, ever wish to see this happen to anyone ever again! Race directors, please educate these weekend warriors before somebody gets killed!

    Again, best of luck to Andy for a speedy recovery...and also to the British Women Olympian who also 'taken out' by yet another newbie.

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