Tuesday- Fleet Feet Sports Open Water Swim Clinic

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It's not too late to get some pointers on open water swimming before the Chicago Triathlon.  Fleet Feet Sports is holding an open water swim clinic, Tuesday, August 18th, 6:00 PM at Ohio Street Beach

Hutmacher from Trimonster will share his advice and tips on how to prepare for
exiting the water and handling common post-swim
ailments, such as elevated heart rate, fatigue,
cramping, and nausea.

There will be swim drills, focusing on mass starts,
sighting the exit point, running out of the water, and
peeling off wet suits.

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Speaking of the Chicago Triathlon, last week I received an e-mail from a triathlete in Springfield asking me " do we have to have a wet suit for the Chicago Triathlon or can we race without one?"

No, it's not mandatory to have a wet suit for this race, there will be plenty of people racing without them (stay away from the guys in Speedos!).  However, a wet suit in a race like this can be your best friend.  They make you more buoyant, they will keep you warm and for a lot of people they give you a little more confidence heading into the water.

Like any piece of equipment you need to use it before you race.  They do take a little getting used to.  If you plan on racing more than once, then it's not too late to buy a quality wet suit.  We have been testing the Rocket Science,  Rocket Wet Suit and it is hands down the best suit I have ever worn.  We will have a full review later this month, however, it keeps you warm, is extremely flexible, because of the technology behind the suit, it makes you 6% faster and looks cool to top all that.

Click here to read an earlier review.

If you are not ready to invest in a wet suit, Fleet Feet Sports has you covered.  They rent some of the best suits you can find and renting is much less of an investment than buying, it's a great way to test drive a wet suit. Here's the information on wet suit rental from Fleet Feet Sports at Pipers Alley-

Wetsuit Rental Info (Week Of Triathlon):

We will be renting long john and full wetsuits beginning at 10am on Monday, August 24. Wetsuits are available on a first-come, first- served basis, and come in sizes from women's x-small to men's x-large. (No phone calls, please).

All rentals are for the week and wetsuits are due back on Monday, August 31.

Weekly wetsuit rentals are $50, and your first-time rental fee may be applied towards the purchase of a new wet suit.

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