Katie's Run Across America Makes It Home To Chicago

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Katie Visco, the 24 year-old Glen Ellyn native, is currently the youngest female to attempt running across the US to inspire others to follow their passion while raising money for the Girls on the Run organization.
Katie left Boston on March 29 and is heading west hoping to finish in San Diego by late December (approximately 3,200 miles). She is in Chicago this week and needs the support of the Chicago Endurance Community.

Run with her, cheer her on, donate to an amazing cause. 

Here is an excerpt from her blog and a link to find out more.

Above is a video of crossing the "finish line" in in front of my house in Glen Ellyn, IL! The person you see me hugging is my best friend, Brittany (I burst into tears when I saw her)! This day was a gem, gift, blessing, untouchable. One of the best and most meaningful of my entire life. Where do I even begin...? How about a video to start off;-) The piccolo music in the background is being played by my high school flute teacher, Mrs. Soto. Everyone I love in life was there...to support a hometown girl and her dream. Thank you thank you thank you. More words to come later!

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