Get Ready for The Warrior Dash!

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Saturday is the inaugural Warrior Dash.  Since this is the first of it's kind race for the area, we caught up with race director Ryan Kunkel and got some "how to" tips to help you prepare for a great day of racing.

1. Packet Pick Up- There is a packet pick up at the race.  It opens an hour and a half before the event, so if you live in the Northern burbs. and couldn't make it to the city, Schaumburg or Joliet, don't fret, you still have time.  However, there are 2000 runners, so do your best to get your packet before hand.

2. Shoes- Ryan tells us to wear a good pair of running shoes you are comfortable with getting really muddy.  "Possibly an old training pair with a few miles on them or a trail running shoe, they are going to get really muddy."

3. What to wear- Ryan recommends a costume, "this is much as an event as it is a race, we want people to have fun."  Runners will be running through thick woods, weeds, fire and a bog, so if you do wear a costume, plan accordingly.  

4. Water- Don't worry about a wet suit.  The bog is only knee high, so you are going to be trudging more than you will be running or swimming.  

5. Fire- Did we mention that you will be running through fire.  Yep, fire.  Ryan says it has been tested and it's safe, but if you get to that point in the race and can't pull the trigger, you can always go around.  " It's not that big, the fire feature is made up of Dura Flame logs, it will be more of a rush than dangerous."

6. Waves- There are going to be 7 waves, sent off at 30 second
intervals.  Faster folks listen up, it will be harder for you as you
blaze a trail through the muck and slime.  I thank you in advance.

7. Fun-
It sounds like a blast.  Music, costumes, free beer at eight o'clock in the morning.  What else could you ask for.

This years race is sold out, but Ryan and his fellow organizers invite
everyone to come out and enjoy the event, BYOC- Bring Your Own Costume.

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  • I wish it wasn't sold out. It sounds like a blast. I'd love to hear more about races like this and other area adventure races!

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