Together We Tri- June Coach of the Month- Week #4


Week #4- Coach Hope Martin has amped it up for everyone.  Thank you to Libby and all the coaches at Together We Tri. This is our last week with Together We Tri, but you can continue down the road with their great group of coaches.  Click here to get find out more.
If you're a coach and want to share your workouts with the athletes of the city, let us know.

This workout is for a sprint distance in peak phase, week 11.

Monday-Bike 15-20 miles
             warm up 5-10 minutes
             ride 45 minutes at 85 to 95 rpm
             cool down 5 minutes easy

Tuesday-Swim/bike brick
              swim 1/2 mile
              start slow, build up speed, cool down
              bike-40 minutes
              warm up 5 minutes
              ride 30 minutes @ 80-90 rpm
              5 minute cool down

3 to 5 miles slow and continuous


Friday-Bike/Run Brick

          bike 70 minutes
          warm up 10 minutes
          25 minutes @ 80-90 rpm
          5 minutes easy
          25 minutes @ 85 rpm
          5 minutes easy

Saturday- Mini Triathlon

          1/2 mile swim
          10 mile bike
           2 mile swim

4-6 miles easy run

WEEK # 3


Coach Drew Surinsky is a nice guy, the name of his company is Nice Guy Training, but this weeks workout will make you wonder what's so nice about him.  It's time to kick it into gear and sweat!

These workouts are appropriate for a moderately experienced athlete (2+
years) who is training for an Olympic distance event. Assume the
athlete just completed base training, had a "B" race on Sunday and is
now beginning a race-specific training phase. The volume and intensity
can be adjusted for other race distances and levels of experience.
Start all workouts with a warm up. End all workouts with a cool down
and stretch

Off. Recover from race. Just stretching.

Tuesday: Swim & Strength

This is one of my favorite tempo intensity swim workouts. It's begins
with a long warm up that reminds the body what swimming feels like by
emphasizing some important stroke components. This is followed by a
two-part main set that replicate race intensity, but with rest that
wouldn't occur during a race. The work intervals teach pacing and what
race effort feels like, and the rest intervals allow the mind to
refocus and some physical rest so that you still want to do your next

Warm up set:
4 x 100 knuckle-drag strip poker. All Easy.


The knuckle drag drill (see picture) promotes relaxation, rotation, and
good recovery and entry mechanics. The set begins with a lot of "toys"
to both make the drill easier and amplify feedback and gradually weans
the swimmer off.
1.    100 knuckle drag with both pull buoy and flippers
2.    100 knuckle drag with pull buoy only
3.    100 knuckle drag with no toys
4.    100 swim   
Main set 1: 10 x 100. Ri*: 5 sec.
1: 70% of mile race pace
2: 80% of mile race pace
3: 90% of mile race pace
4-10: At mile race pace

Main set 2:
Repeat the main set, but this time try to ignore the stripe
and navigate by sighting on something on deck, such as a kickboard.

Cool down (don't skip): Swim 100-200 easy. If you're still breathing hard, then keep going until you're not.

*Ri = rest interval

Strength train after swim.

Wednesday: Circuit Brick
4 x (Bike 4 miles/Run 1 mile)
•    1st round: warm up intensity
•    2nd round: Moderate intensity on bike. Race intensity on run.
•    3rd round: Race intensity on both.
•    4th round: Race intensity on bike. Cool down intensity on run.
•    Stretch.

Thursday: Swim

Warm up (all easy): 100 knuckle drag. 100 side balance kick. 100 swim.
Build: 10 x 50 moderate. Ri: 10 sec.
Stroke count: 4 x 25.
Main set: 5 x 200 long & loose. Ri: 20 sec.
Cool down (don't skip): Swim 100-200 easy. If you're still breathing hard, then keep going until you're not.

Friday: Run & Strength

Warm up: Walk/shuffle/jog 1 mile.
Main piece: 4 miles at moderate intensity
Cool down: jog/shuffle/walk 1 mile.
Strength train after run.
Saturday: Swim
1 mile in open-water, or repeat Thursday swim.

Sunday: Bike emphasis brick

Bike: 25-30 miles at moderate intensity. Keep cadence 90-100 rpm. Throw in 3-5 seated hill repeats.
Run: 2-3 miles easy.

Dang! That was a hard week.

To Contact Coach Drew and get even more workouts or a training plan, click here. Or send him an e-mail at,

Week Two Workout

This weeks workout comes from Together We Tri. coach and founder Elizabeth Hurley.  No,  not that one!


Elizabeth Hurley may share a name with a famous person, but she's a star in her own right.  As founder of Together We Tri
triathlon training company, Libby, as she is more commonly known,
inspires hundreds of athletes each year to go for their tri goals. 
Around 2500 that is..

Mon.  Run
(S)4-6mi, (O)7-9      
Tempo run, every other half mile run at race pace. Recover...tempo again.

Tuesday- Brick- Swim/Bike
Swim - (S)1/2mi (O) 1mile(open water)
Bike - (S)10mi (O)15mi

Wednesday- Swim
(S)18mi or 1/2mi open water  (O)25-30mi or 1-1.5mi open water
This workout should be easy - low intensity.

Thursday- Run
(S)4-5mi (O)5-7mi (w/ 1 mi repeats)
Warm-up for 1mi, then do 1mi repeats (make sure to recover btwn mile repeats for 1-2 min), cool down for 1/2mi.

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- Brick- Swim/Run  
(S).5 mile Swim /20m run
(O)1 mile swim/ 30m run

Sunday- Swim
(O) 1-1.5 mile open water. Practice mass starts and spotting

To get more detailed coaching from Libby and Together We Tri. click here.  

For Last weeks workout click here.  
As with any workout make sure you have checked with your doctor before attempting any of these exercises.


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