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Our first coach/team is Together We Tri. and Coach Mary Bradbury. 

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Mary started competing at the age of 4 and remains quite passionate about the sport.Representing Moline High School in 1989, she won the Illinois High School state title in the 200 free and placed 2nd in the 100 free.
Mary swam on full-ride scholarship at the University of Illinois and was team captain her senior year.
She has been coaching and teaching private lessons to children and adults for nearly 20 years and is also a triathlon coach with Together We Tri and a swim coach with the New Trier Swim Club.

"Hello!  My name is Mary Bradbury, a coach with Together We Tri.  I am excited to give you a glimpse of workouts we provide for those training for sprint and olympic triathlons distances.                                        
Note: All weeks vary a bit, the first few will entail mainly easy, long, and/or technique driven workouts.  The workouts below are a sample of what we might give in the middle of the 12 week training program."

WEEK #1-                                   
Monday    Swim    (S)=30 min (O)=45 min   
Swim in open water.  Work on sighting and keep your stroke nice and long. Do some 20 second accelerations if feeling strong.                            

Tuesday    Bike    (S)=30 min (O)=60 min   
Nice and easy ride keeping cadence high and intensity low.                       
Wednesday    Run    (S)=25 min (O)=45 min   
Warm-up at least 10
minutes.  Find a flat area, preferably on grass and do 20 second
accelerations.  Walk back to your starting spot and get at least 90
seconds between each. Sprint do 4, Olympic do 8.  Cool down at least 5
Thursday    Rest    None    None                       
Friday    Swim    (S)=1200 yds (O)=2000 yds   
Main set (O)= 200
moderate, 15 seconds rest, 100 race pace, 10 seconds rest, 50 kick, 20
seconds rest, repeat set 4 times                       
Main set (S)= 100 moderate, 15 seconds rest, 50 race pace,
10 seconds rest, 50 kick, 20 seconds rest, repeat set 4 times       

Saturday     Run    (S)=35 min (O)=70 min   

Easy pace focusing on good technique                       
Sunday    Bike    (S)=15 miles  (O)=30 miles   
Get in a good warm-up. 
During the ride, do 3 minutes intervals at maximum intensity ensuring a
3 minute recovery between each. Sprint do 3-4, Olympic do 6-7. 

To get more detailed coaching from Mary and Together We Tri. click here.     
As with any workout make sure you have checked with your doctor before attempting any of these exercises.

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