About Own Your Legacy

Welcome to the blog, Own Your Legacy. This site will be the home of various topics, interviews, and reviews rooted in Leadership. Personal leadership, professional leadership, and military leadership will all be fair game. Some of the entries will have specific significance to the Chicagoland while others will be aimed with a broader lens.

I had the privilege of serving in the Marine Corps for 7 years. During that time I was able to examine some fine Marine leaders who required the best from all of their personnel. I spent 2 of those years in a combined joint environment that allowed me to see how international military leaders handled their business. In my time, I was in charged with leading as many as 54 service members at a time and spent a lot of energy refining my leadership style. Since moving to the private sector I’ve been able to expand my skill set by leading a sanitation and quality department.

The title Own Your Legacy comes from a simple philosophy that I have. If you research self-help books or articles on how to become successful you often see a trend about ownership. Own your home, own your car, and own your business all contribute to that theme. All of those things are important and lend themselves to being successful but they aren’t square one. Square one to me is owning your legacy and the way to do that is through leadership. Leadership can begin at your job or with your family and you can begin today.

The impact that you will have on your co-workers, family, and members of your community can last forever. That impact can put you on the road to success personally, professionally, and financially. This all happens when you develop your leadership skills and decide to own your legacy.