Four Things To Make Sure Of Before Getting A Friend Hired

There are times that being a leader in your professional life interferes in some way with your friendships. If you have to work early in the morning you may not go out as often as you had in the past. You may have to go to work on a Saturday and miss a party that your friends are having. One of the more complex situations on this topic is getting a friend hired on with your company.

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be an issue. Your friend needs work and your company needs an employee. It could be too easy or it could ruin both relationships for you.  


As a result of the potential downside I'm going to provide with four things that you better make sure of before you begin this effort. If you follow this list, I'm confident that you'll be prepared to make the important decision about helping get a friend hired. 

- Make sure they are qualified.

If your friend isn't qualified for the position that you're trying to get them hired for it won't hurt them in the long run. However, it sure may hurt your credibility for a long time.

- Make sure they are reliable.

Reliability is huge in business. If you can't trust this friend to show up to an interview on time, that's a problem. Make sure that they know to answer their phone if they get a call from an interviewer or future boss.

- Make sure they fit the culture.

If your company's atmosphere is intense and non-stop action it may not help anyone involved to recommend your friend who is super tame. The converse to this is true as well. This also holds true when dealing with a work place that has multiple languages being used. 

- Make sure they are prepared.

 You do not want to give out inside information that may damage your own standing with your company to a friend that is interviewing. With that said, there is nothing wrong with letting them know the basics of your company. Passing along some vernacular that's commonly used in your company may also go a long way.


Take these four things into consideration whenever you are deciding whether or not to help a friend get hired. If things work out you may be hero to everyone involved. If things go sour quickly it can also make you a villain.

Until next time, own your legacy...

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