3 Effective Tips For Returning To Work After A Holiday

Holidays are a great thing. They give us reasons to relax and to celebrate with our family and friends. They give us the chance to eat great food and travel to fun places. We all look forward to our next holiday for these exact reasons.


Eventually the holiday ends and whether we got a day off because of it or if we got a week off you have to come back to work. When that time comes and you're back at work, you will still need to be the leader that you were before hand. Below are a few tips that will help your cause.

- Have an agenda.

If you come back to work without a plan of some sort you'll most likely feel like you're swimming in spaghetti. Let the other managers at your company feel that way while you and your team are accomplishing big things. You'll do this because you knew what needed to be done and how you were going to handle it.

- Use your routine.

As tempting as it may be to sleep an extra hour on the day after a holiday, don't do it. It's a trap. The same trap that your employees will want to fall into. Set the example by doing the things that you normally do in the morning and get to work on time or even a little earlier than usual.

- Communicate your expectations.

If you're going to treat the day after a holiday as a normal, productive day you need to take the time let your team know about it. This can be achieved by sending out an e-mail before the holiday telling everyone what you expect. It can also be reinforced verbally the morning that everyone comes back. If your people don't know what you expect of them it becomes much harder to hold them accountable at the highest level.


Welcome back to work. I hope that you're post-holiday work experience is productive and sound. I know mine will be because I have an agenda, I'm using my routine, and I have communicated my expectations.

Until next time, own your legacy...

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