The Six Best Things Your Co-Workers Can Say About You

So often leaders spend time and energy to focus on things that are potentially negative. I am a firm believer that positive things happen to positive people. As a result of this I'm going pass along a positive list. If you're co-workers are saying these six things about you then you should be happy.



"You get the job done"

Everyone loves having a co-worker her completes their tasks. At the end of the day that's why we all get a paycheck and what we all want people to say about us.


"You are a team player" 

Many of us employ a team based strategy as leaders so it should be no surprise that we want the people around us to say we're team players ourselves.


difference-maker or space taker

"You are a difference maker"

I want for people to ask me to deal with big issues. That should be all of our mindset as leaders and if those around you feel the same way you're doing the right things on the job.



"You value time"

Time is money is an old cliche but it still holds true. You want to know as someone who values your own time as well as the other people you work with.



"You have mutual respect"

The key to this is the word mutual. If people don't see you as being respectful to them they will be hesitant to respect you. As a boss you want and need as much respect as you can get.



"You respond well in pressure situations"

The top leaders thrive in pressure situations. When your co-workers think about succeeding when the pressure is on make sure that you are who they think of.

If you don't believe that your co-workers are saying these types of positive things about you now is the time to change this. We are in control of our legacy and this is through our leadership. Continuous improvement is a necessary aspect to this and we are all capable of it.

Until next time, own your legacy...

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