A Key To Effective Communication Is Sharing Information

Sharing information can seem like such an arbitrary thing. A lot of us are in charge of people who've had their job for years and sometimes we just sort of expect them to know things. This expectation could be one of the things that is holding you back in your leadership.


If you do a search on any major business website for keys to success you'll see that almost every article touches on communication. People value this skill as  much or more than any other except for leadership. People who succeed have effective communication. When you read about what employers are seeking out you always see a note or tid-bit about wanting an effective communicator. So how do we fill this obvious need?

We can become effective communicators by sharing information. When our subordinates have the luxury of knowing the who, what, where, when, why, and how they will perform better.

These same subordinates will care more and be more prepared. They will have been given a reason to invest themselves into what you have going on because you took the time to let them know what's going on.

In today's world we have no shortage of mediums to share information. Face-to-face exchanges are the preferred method for most of us but that's not the only way. You can share information on a phone or conference call, through e-mail, or even through video-teleconferences.  As technology continues to create more ways for us to effectively communicate we're afforded less and less excuses to not do it well.

If you work in an environment that has people who speak multiple languages your task will be more difficult but still not impossible. I've lived in Japan and Afghanistan and was able to learn bits and pieces of the languages to help facilitate my verbal communication. I also work in an environment currently where a lot of my employees speak primarily Spanish. When in doubt I grab someone who I trust to translate for me.

The bottom line is that leadership is all about results and not excuses. With all of the avenues of communication today that shouldn't be an excuse but rather an asset for you that creates results. If you share information and effectively communicate your results will not be far behind.


What methods do you use to share information? Are you an effective communicator? If so throw it in the comments section for us all to see.

Until next time, own your legacy.....

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