Profiling Success: 3 Questions With Financial Expert Alan Adducci

Our finances play a huge role in our lives. It has an effect on how long we work and what types of positions we seek out. As a result, I sought out the expertise of Alan Adducci. This will benefit people at all stages of their career or background. Why are those just starting their... Read more »

Elite Author Evan Roberts Follows Up With Own Your Legacy

I had the chance to blog about an up and coming author last year who has a serious purpose. Evan Roberts is all about helping people, especially young people. He has had an overwhelming response  since publishing his book, How To Be Influential and Highly Successful. I had the chance to catch back up with... Read more »

The Immense Importance Of Having A Go-To Speech

As our leadership progresses we often find ourselves having to speak more often. We speak to our employees, we speak to our bosses or owners, we speak to our contractors, and we speak to our present and future clients. Sometimes we’re able to prepare for our speaking, other times it happens spur of the moment.... Read more »

Fantastic Quotes For Leaders By Leaders

We all can utilize quotes to help inspire and enlighten us. The best people to read quotes from if you are a leader is another leader. I’ve got 5 quotes below from leaders that cover many different areas.   “Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present.” – Rudy Giuliani, Former Governor of... Read more »

A Secret To Success: Be The Weather Man

Secrets to success are often times variations of fundamentals or basic principles. The basic principle or fundamental of consistency is something that can never be thought about enough. Today’s secret to success is to be the weather man. Believe it or not, being the weather man is a variation of being consistent. This is the third installment of... Read more »

Four Things To Make Sure Of Before Getting A Friend Hired

There are times that being a leader in your professional life interferes in some way with your friendships. If you have to work early in the morning you may not go out as often as you had in the past. You may have to go to work on a Saturday and miss a party that your friends are... Read more »

3 Effective Tips For Returning To Work After A Holiday

Holidays are a great thing. They give us reasons to relax and to celebrate with our family and friends. They give us the chance to eat great food and travel to fun places. We all look forward to our next holiday for these exact reasons. Eventually the holiday ends and whether we got a day... Read more »

A Secret To Success: Aim Small, Miss Small

Success is something that rarely finds people on its own. Instead it’s something that people go out and grab. If it were an easy thing to do everyone would do it. We all want to do better at work, have a larger bank account, and overall be a happier person. Some people have figured out... Read more »

Saving Dollars Begins With Saving Pennies: Saving Money At Home

We all want to spend less and get more. I covered ways to save money for your company in an installment a couple of weeks ago and now it’s time to discuss saving money in an even more important arena. On the home front. If you haven’t had the chance to read that first installment I recommend that... Read more »

The Six Best Things Your Co-Workers Can Say About You

So often leaders spend time and energy to focus on things that are potentially negative. I am a firm believer that positive things happen to positive people. As a result of this I’m going pass along a positive list. If you’re co-workers are saying these six things about you then you should be happy.   “You... Read more »