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On Pigtail Pals: Waking Up Full of Awesome

One of my favorite posts by my friend Melissa has been making the rounds lately and it is awesome. Check out her five year old daughter, Amelia, and the spunky happy way that she wakes up each day! Do you wake up full of awesome? Tell me about it.

Dear Four Year Old Me,

Yesterday I read a post by my friend Melissa.  She wrote a letter to four-year-old Bella, who loves her blue Buzz Lightyear shoes, but got teased for them.  (I’ll wait while you go read the post.  It’s incredible, and full of fabulous young ladies who are living life way outside the girl box.  I was smiling... Read more »

Be You.

  Oh, if only it were always that easy. J. Crew ad There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about what it’s okay (and not okay) for boys and girls to do.  Last week, J. Crew sent an e-mail ad to their mailing list that showed Jenna Lyons, creative director, and... Read more »

Have Confidence!

by Emily-Anne Rigal, founder of WeStopHate Developing and maintaining self-confidence is a life long journey. That is why even the most self-confident people have their moments of doubt and uncertainty. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do to have a solid foundation of a self-confident mentality. You can conquer your insecurities and feel proud... Read more »

What is Your 2011 Motto?

A motto is a short saying about what you believe or want.  As we start a new year, it’s kind of fun to decide what you want the theme of your year to be, and make a motto to go along with it.  You can probably guess what my motto is this year. What will yours be?... Read more »

WeStopHate: Creating Teen-Esteem, One Vlog at a Time

When I was 16, I was singing my heart out in choir, scheming ways to get out of swimming in P.E., learning how to drive my mom’s minivan, and spending way too much time online.  Meet Emily-Anne.  At 16, she saw a problem with the way teens feel about themsevles and founded a non-profit called WeStopHate to help improve “teen-esteem.”  ... Read more »

Chicago Tween & Teen Girls: I Have a Challenge For You... Make-up Free Tuesdays!

A group of girls at a Texas high school recently started a club called “Redefining Beautiful.”  Its members go make-up free every Tuesday!  Watch the video to find out more, and then join me after the jump for my challenge to you. If the movie below doesn’t work for you, you can click here to... Read more »

I Did It!

My cousin’s husband, John, snapped this photo at Mile 11. I pretty much felt like this the whole race. This Sunday, I proved to myself that with hard work and a positive attitude, you can do anything.  Anything.  You can even go from the girl who used to cry the night before “the mile” in... Read more »

It's Just... a Little Crush.

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. – Charlie Brown I will probably never forget that day in sixth grade.  At my elementary school, we had field trips in fifth and sixth grade to go roller skaing and ice skating.  It was well known that the DJ at the roller... Read more »

Fashion Lasts A Day, An Education Lasts A Lifetime!

by Daniel Scogin Everywhere you look there is a strong focus on fashion; Magazines, Reality TV, even competitions such as Project Runway!  Being a fan of fashion I do enjoy keeping up to date on the latest trends, but I am not going to let it rule my life.  There are so many more important... Read more »