Think Before You Post


I love the internet.  Facebook, blogs, Twitter, you name it.  I have learned a whole lot and made some great connections online.  Despite having both this blog and a blog that is more about my everyday life, I'm pretty cautious about what I post online.

Even when you delete something from the internet, it is possible to get a cached, or saved, version of it.  Nothing you post online can truly be taken back.

Because of that, here are some important questions to ask yourself before you post.

Is this something that I should handle offline?  If you're arguing with a pal or fuming mad at a parent, speak with them offline.  When everything is fine and you've made up, it'll seem silly to have your squabbles posted online.

Would I be embarrassed if somebody saw this?  Whether it's your parents, crush, teacher, or a friend, if there's somebody you'd rather not see your post... don't post it.

Will this hurt someone's feelings?  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Is this private? Although I talk about a lot of my life online, many things are kept private, too.  Not everything should be posted!

Is this someone else's information to share? Even if your post is something you are comfortable with, if you're posting about somebody else, you should check with them first.

What other things do you think about when you're posting online?

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