Dear Four Year Old Me,

Yesterday I read a post by my friend Melissa.  She wrote a letter to four-year-old Bella, who loves her blue Buzz Lightyear shoes, but got teased for them.  (I'll wait while you go read the post.  It's incredible, and full of fabulous young ladies who are living life way outside the girl box.  I was smiling from ear to ear when I read it!)

But little Bella reminded me of how it felt to think something was really cool, only to have someone tell you it isn't.  It can be completely devastating.

There's a trend right now for bloggers to write letters to younger versions of themselves, usually a teen version.  But Bella inspired me to write to four year old me and tell her she's pretty awesome.

Four year old me!

 Dear little Lauren,

You are awesome.  Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be nice to your little brother.  I know he's annoying sometimes, but he is the only one you've got.  You'll grow up to be really good friends one day.  And besides, you're a really good big sister.

I'm so glad you love to read.  Keep reading.  Read with Mom and Dad.  Read to your little brother.  Read whatever books you want.  And write.  Enjoy school.  Learning is fun as long as you believe it is.  Keep believing it is.

Now listen up, because this is the most important.  Lauren, you can be anything you want to be.  You can be a pilot, an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor, or a scientist.  You are beautiful. Believe in yourself.  Like the colors you want to like and stay true to your awesome little self.

You're going to do great.



Tell me: what would you say to your four year old self?


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  • I'm currently looking at two pics of myself. One at three years of age in a blue dress with red shoes taken at Montrose Beach by my dad. The other is when I'm six sitting with my dog with my Easter basket. I'm wearing a plaid shirt and non-matching plaid pants! Fortunately that picture is in black & white.

    It's a good idea for a blog ... and I like your post - very sweet!

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    I would write to myself....... learn to swim!!! Stop being so shy and don't let your mother's fear of the water make you too fearful to learn to swim!

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