Back to School: How to Make New Friends

For some of you, the new school year has already started.  For others, you're counting down the days.  (Or trying to hide from the coming school year!)

If you're starting at a new school, or just want to branch out a little bit this school year, what can you do to make new friends?

First things first, be yourself.  It's easy to pretend you like or don't like something, to wear clothes that aren't really you're style, or do things you normally wouldn't do to try to make friends.  People who need you to act or dress a certain way to gain their friendship are not your friends.


I love being ME!

When I stopped being afraid to be myself, I started making friends who accepted me for who I am.  I love my friends dearly.  They accept my crazy blogging self, cheer me on at races, and are wonderfully supportive of my dreams.  Because I've been genuine from the beginning, they knew what they were getting when they decided to become my friends.  And because my friends are genuine people, I knew what I was getting into, too!

Tell me. What is your best tip for making new friends?

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