Own Your Awesomeness.

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Silent cheer!

To end each Girls on the Run practice, we give out "energy awards."  A girl can give an award to herself or someone else, and tells everyone why the person deserves that award.  The girl receiving the award stands in the middle of the circle while everyone else cheers for them.  (They look like this.)

Last night at practice, I noticed that some of the girls seemed really uncomfortable being acknowledged for their awesomeness.  I struggle with recognition sometimes too.  When I got my TOYP award, I even cried about it a little bit and told my husband I didn't deserve it!  (He assured me that I did, and I eventually believed him.)




It is easy to see the amazing qualities in our friends, but sometimes it is hard to see it in ourselves.  When a friend gives you a compliment, believe them.  Instead of disagreeing with them or brushing it aside, say thank you.

You are a superstar just the way you are!


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