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Daniel and me in our jammies, back when we were little and adorable

My little brother is one of my best friends in the whole world.  And I can't imagine in any other way.  (Maybe since he is 24 and I'm 26, I should stop calling him my little brother.  But that's a topic for another day.)

He is getting married this Saturday, so it is safe to say he's been on my mind a lot lately.  I've been thinking about all of the fun times (and, okay, some not-so-fun times) that we had growing up together, and I realize how lucky I am to be able to name my brother among my closest friends. 

I've posted about my love of "Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)" before, but while thinking about my brother, another piece of advice in the song comes to mind.  "Be nice to your siblings.  They're your best link to your past, and the most likely to stick with you in the future."


All grown up, being silly with my husband and Daniel's (almost) wife!

And it's true.  I mean, I've known Daniel since I was two, and he's known me his whole life.  We are more genetically like eachother than anyone else on the planet.  We can push eachother's buttons, and have seen eachother at our best and at our worst.

Daniel has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  He is loyal, kind, and hard-working.  He's gotten up at 3am to cheer me on on race days, sat in the audience at my choir concerts in high school, and was there when I needed to vent about a punishment to someone who would really understand.  Sure, he mocks my love of Hanson and gives me a hard time when I dress like my mom.  He also tied my husband's shoes on my wedding day, because Jon just had surgery and couldn't bend down to tie them himself.  He designed the "Outside the Girl Box" banner that you see at the top of this blog.  We've sung obnoxious songs together in the car, sneaked frosties into the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie, and seen eachother through everything.  He's truly the best brother a girl could ever have. 


I remember talking to him before my wedding about how strange it was going to be, not living in the same house anymore, not waking up together on Christmas morning, and how strange it was that we were grown up.  And it is kind of strange.  (But kind of wonderful, too, since we both found such wonderful people to spend the rest of our lives with.)

Looking back, I'm so glad that our parents made family time important.  Sure, when I was a tween, the request to spend a weekend day with my family instead of friends was often met with eyerolls, whining, and hesitation.  But it's because of that family time that I can still go to my parents for the best advice, and my brother is one of my best friends. 

I know what you're thinking.  Lauren, seriously. Quit rambling about your brother and get to the point already.  Okay, okay.  The point is this.  Make the most of your family time.  If you have siblings, fight less. Enjoy them more.  They've seen you at your best, your worst, and everything in between.  If you're lucky, they'll continue to be there for years to come.

Happy wedding weekend, Daniel!  I am lucky to have you as a little brother and friend. 


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  • You are a great sister. As you both enter this next phase of your life, you will grow even closer. FYI- I call my 36 year old sister "kiddo." Best of luck this weekend!!!

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