Be You.



Oh, if only it were always that easy.

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J. Crew ad

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about what it's okay (and not okay) for boys and girls to do.  Last week, J. Crew sent an e-mail ad to their mailing list that showed Jenna Lyons, creative director, and her son.  Lots of people are still talking about the ad because of one thing: the little boy's bright pink toenails, and the text in the ad that explains that Jenna and her son have fun painting his toenails neon pink.

Just like Katie got bullied for liking Star Wars, something that has been labeled a "boy thing," people are upset that this little boy is doing a "girl thing," painting his nails.

Oh, come on.

Right now, my toenails are bright blue. I like to run, bike, and swim, bake cookies, and I can name most kinds of airplanes and aviation equipment.  I don't pay much attention to what things I'm supposed to do, I just do what makes me happy. 

What things make you happy?  Have you ever been bullied for something you like to do?

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