Kate: Outside the Girl Box at the Museum of Science & Industry

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Kate and me, outside her cube

If you haven't been following Kate's Month at the Museum, I have one question for you.  Why not?  Go ahead.  Click the link and get caught up.  I'll wait.

Kate McGroarty, 24, moved into the Museum of Science & Industry on October 20, becoming their very first roommate.  In addition to Kate's office, the cube, pictured here, she has private living quarters on the second floor of the museum.  She is literally eating, sleeping, and living science for 30 days while at the museum.  Kate keeps busy during the day by checking out all the things that the Museum of Science & Industry has to offer, from Science Storms to YOU! The Experience.  She also spends some time each day outside her cube, answering questions from guests like you and me!

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Kate's schedule on the day of my visit

If you plan to head to the museum before Kate moves out (and why wouldn't you?) make sure you visit her cube when you arrive and check out her schedule.  Kate posts her schedule outside the cube each day, so we checked it out when we first arrived.  We noticed Kate would be having cube time at 2:30 and made a mental note to stop by.  I have been following along on Kate's journey.  (Okay, I've been a little jealous of Kate's journey, too!)  I wanted to take a minute to thank her for the incredible example I think she's setting for girls everywhere!  I was thrilled to find Kate outside the cube, as promised, after my friends and I finished the WOW! Tour.  As we walked up, Kate was chatting with guests from the museum, including a lot of little girls who looked up at her in amazement.  She passed out buttons, answered questions, and best of all, seemed to be really enjoying herself.  I had a little moment of OMG! That's KATE! And then had a chance to talk with her for a little bit.

kate moving in.jpg

Kate moving in to the Museum of Science & Industry, photo courtesy msichicago.org

Of course, I had to start with a cliche question.  I told Kate that I'd been following along on her journey and asked, "What has been the best part so far?"  She said she'd taken a stroll on the top level of the museum the night before, and it was pretty cool to get to do that when everything was quiet.  "People ask me if I get sick of answering the same questions over and over, but I don't.  The answers keep changing!" she said, smiling.  (Kate smiled the entire time we were there, and is always smiling in her video journals.  I think it's safe to say she is enjoying her time at the museum.)

I told Kate how wonderful I think it is that girls are seeing an example of a young woman living life outside the girl box: taking on an adventure, exploring science, and staying true to herself the whole time.  Kate confided that she was a bit of a nerd growing up, and she loves that this experience is giving her a chance to celebrate her inner nerd!

Make sure you follow along with Kate on the rest of her journey.  You can click here to read Kate's blog, find her on Facebook at Kate's Month at the Museum, or follow her on Twitter @msikate.


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