Sticks and Stones: Their Words Cannot Hurt You

Today's post is a guest post from ChicagoNow blogger, Daniel Scogin.  He has a wonderful message about bullying for you ladies to keep in mind.  If you're not bullied, you can still take something from Daniel's story!  When you see someone being bullied, remember to speak up.  If you've been a bully, a new school year is a great time to make a change.


Daniel Scogin

As the summer comes to end and you prepare for another year of school, I am sure there are many thoughts and feelings running through your mind right now.  Some of you are going to be extremely excited to start the new school year; to be able to see old friends, and meet new ones is thrilling.  For others, it's getting back to learning, sports, or some other favorite school activity. 

What about the rest of the girls dreading the end of summer?  I am talking about the young girls that are not so excited to be going back to school.  The ones that get teased for the way they look, or made fun of for the way they act. 


Growing up, I was teased...A LOT.  I was a small guy and never any good at sports. I was in band and drama; neither of which was deemed popular.  I used to come home after a day of being teased and bullied feeling broken and helpless.  These feelings can overwhelm the strongest of people; but you don't have to let it! 
I want to let you in on a little secret: Those people that are calling you names or making fun of you are doing so because they are afraid.  People fear that which they cannot (or will not) understand.

Meaning: if you dress different than everyone else, or act differently than most, it is easier for them to make fun of you instead of trying to understand you.

I wish I could tell you that these people change, but in most cases they don't.  What you have to do is change how you allow them to affect you.  Stay strong and know that you are in charge of your own destiny and the keeper of your dreams, no one else!  Work hard in school, sports, acting; whatever it is you are good at and enjoy. Because when you grow up, you are going to change the world!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt


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  • Great collaborating with you, hope to do more guest post in the future!

  • In reply to chicagodaniel:

    I hope so, too! Thanks for sharing such an important message -- one that's especially important with school just around the corner!

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