Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon: I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

When I was asked to do a triathlon relay with fellow ChicagoNow bloggers Ashley Bond and Barb Rodriguez, the answer was simple.  YES!  Girl power and the fabulous team name Team Awesome?  Sounds like a great time to me!


Ashley & me at the expo, all marked and ready to go!

I was feeling really tired on Saturday after my busy day at the Chicago Kids' Triathlon and visiting the Multisport Expo with Ashley, so I was thrilled when my husband Jon offered to get my bike ready for the race.  I thanked him and headed off to bed to get some sleep.  A few hours later, Jon came upstairs to tell me something wasn't right with my bike.  He kept trying to reattach the back tire, and the chain just didn't want to reattach.  We spent hours Googling and had no luck.  I was feeling really nervous because my friends were counting on me to race and I didn't want to let them down.  Eventually, there was nothing to do but sleep and hope for the best.  By the time I went to bed, it was only two hours before I had to wake up.  Trust me, this is not a good idea before a big event.



In the morning, things were not looking much better.  Jon had planned on staying home, but decided to come to the race with me.  He helped me carry my bike to the Bike Tech area, where we waited until the guys from Village Cyclesport were available to help me out.  In line, a nice lady helped me reattach my back bike tire and the tech guys found out the problem: my bike chain was on inside out!  We still have no idea how that happened, but I was grateful to have it fixed.  At this point, the race was close to starting.  Barb helped me get my bike into transition and we ran off to meet up with Ashley and the other ChicagoNow racers.  



Ashley, David, and me

After a few photos, we wished Barb luck and sent her on her way, along with David Wallach, who was doing the whole race and then some.  I had a few minutes to breathe as we walked back to the transition area and I got ready to bike.  Helmet, gloves, and bike shoes, and I was ready to race. (Thanks to Spenco Gloves for giving me a pair to use on race day!  They were comfy, easy to use, and best of all... PINK!  If you'd like a pair, use code ChicagoNow to get 20% off.)

Before I knew it, there was Barb and I was off.  The bike part of the course was pretty windy, but I just kept pedaling.  A few people said encouraging things when they passed me, like, "Good job," or "Keep it up!"  Those people really helped me keep pedaling when it got tough.  While I was riding, I thought about how important it is to be kind to others.  I cheered on people who passed me and thanked the volunteers for being there.  It helped keep my tired self going!


Team Awesome with MEDALS!

When I came in from biking, Jon and Ashley were there cheering and Ashley was ready to head off to run.  Jon and I spent some time on the course cheering on other athletes before I met up with my teammates and got my race medal.  All in all, I had a great day, but it was mostly because of the help of some kind people!  Friends and kind strangers got me ready to race and kept me smiling. 

Check out the photo gallery for some more pictures of the expo and the race.  Thanks to Ashley for sharing her race day photos -- in all the bike drama, I never grabbed a camera!

Psst... hey girls!  Think a triathlon sounds like fun?  Think about doing the Chicago Kids' Triathlon next year!

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