It's Just Hair.

Girls, I have a confession.  This summer, I wasted more than one day watching an America's Next Top Model marathon.  On the makeover shows, there are always a few women who get their hair cut into short, cute pixie cuts.  I have always wanted to chop off all my hair, but I've never been brave enough to do it. 


Emma Watson, the actress who plays Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

So there I was, watching an episode and checking out my favorite websites, when I saw Emma Watson's gorgeous new haircut.  Clicking over to another website, I read a new blog post called Set 'Em Free by Molly Barker, the founder of Girls on the Run International.  In the post, Molly talks about how freeing it is to let go of your beauty routine.  (You know, the hour it takes you to shower, blow dry your hair, maybe put on a little makeup, pick out the perfect outfit, change that outfit at least 3 times, and get out the door.)  I thought about this.  I thought about how many times I've looked at pixie cuts and debated getting one myself.  And then I thought, "It's just hair," and I made an appointment to cut it all off two days later.

I was so excited.  And then something strange happened...

The night before my haircut, I couldn't sleep.  I was panicked.  What if I looked funny?  What if I hated it?  I kept trying to remind myself that it was just hair, and it would grow back, but I kept worrying.  The more I worried, the more I knew that I had to take the risk and cut my hair.  It was going to be harder than I thought, but that would make it that much more exciting.

When I showed up at the salon on Wednesday morning, I handed my stylist Emma Watson's photo and her jaw hit the floor.  I was a bundle of nerves and excitement, more determined than ever to make a big change.  Before I knew it, my shoulder-length hair was all over the floor, and I was grinning from ear to ear.  I kept feeling the back of my head and laughing at how fuzzy and short it felt.  And just like Molly said, letting go of all that hair was very freeing.

Okay, I've had a few freakouts since my haircut.  In fact, yesterday morning I stood in my closet crying that, "None of my clothes go with my new hair!  Who am I trying to be?!"  But then I realized I'm not trying to be anyone.  I took a risk, and my hair is REALLY short, but I'm still me.  I may keep the hair style for a long time, I may grow it out soon, but I'm proud of myself for being brave.

So what's the point?  Believe it or not, the lesson here isn't hair.  Maybe for you it's hair, but maybe it's trying out a new style of clothing that you're afraid your friends won't like.  Maybe it's getting the courage to try out for a team or sing in the talent show or try out for the school play.  Maybe it's the courage to say hello to a new student on the first day of school.  Take the risk... as long as it's safe... and do something you were always afraid to try.  You might be surprised at the results!


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  • LOVE!!!!! The new hair! Way to go girl. Now, you are sassy and more aero dynamic! Brava!

  • In reply to DavidWallach:

    That was the secret goal. ;) What do you think, am I .8275 seconds faster now?

  • In reply to LittleRunner:

    Hey, it works for swimming (or the swim caps anyway). I think it looks adorable! I had a cut like that almost 20 years ago. How the styles come around again!

  • Looks good!

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