Perfect Princess?


Today's story is an excellent reminder that one girl can do all kinds of things!  Little Miss Gurnee 2009, Katie W., is a big sister, horseback rider, Girl on the Run, pageant princess, friend, daughter, and so much more!  Tiara and all, this girl is WAY outside the girl box.  Katie is wise beyond her years and already understands that a pretty princess can still be tough.  I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom.


Perfect Princess?

by Katie W., age 10

Do you think that a princess only cares about being proper and her crown?  If you do, you are wrong. You should believe me because I am Little Miss Gurnee 2009.  I love being a princess but I also love riding horses, playing with my pets and just getting dirty in general! So in other words I am not exactly a perfect princess, but you don't have to be perfect to be a great role model and an awesome princess!  :)


I have been lucky enough to do as lot of interesting things as Little Miss Gurnee.  I have been able to meet the mayor and do a lot of other amazing things that normally I wouldn't be able to do, like wear amazing dresses and sit on the back of a convertible (in parades).  I got to host a Daddy/Daughter dance for little kids and say the pledge of allegiance at a 9/11 ceremony.

People always ask me, as a pageant princess, do you always wear your crown and make up or are you a regular kid?  I am a regular kid. I only wear my crown when I have an event to go to. (My mom doesn't even let me wear make up!)

I would you say to girls who want to try and be in a pageant: go for it! I say if you want to try something new you should do it. I had never done a pageant before I tried it and I won so I definitely encourage you to try anything! :)

People always ask me, what did you have to do to win?  Before the pageant started, I had to sit and be interviewed by the judges.  It was weird, because I had never been interviewed by adults like that before. Then, I hade to give a speech, answer a pop question and model on the stage in 2 different dress!  There was no bathing suit silliness or talent competition.

I have made amazing friends. I especially remember a girl named Haley, we became really good friends all because of the pageant. Same with Little Miss Gurnee 2008, Emily, we became good friends too!  Actually I made friends with everyone competing at the pageant!! I think the pageant isn't all about winning or losing it is mainly about making new friends and trying something new.

Yes, I would do this again. I want to try miss Gurnee and maybe when I am a lot older I can try for MISS AMERICA or MISS U.S.A.!!!

My goal to inspire girls and to be their role model because I think that is what I have to do now that I won. Especially little kids because I remember when I was little and the "princesses" would come by and I would say "mom I want to be like them when I am bigger!" and now I am. So when I won I told myself I will try my hardest to be a role model like the other queens were to me.

It takes a lot of time and commitment but it is worth it. my parents have to drive me to places/events, I am learning a lot about commitments and how to deal with a lot of people.


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  • What great experiences you have had so far as Miss Gurnee, Katie!!! Keep enjoying each moment!!!!

  • Lauren,
    Thanks for such a great article! I am always inspired by how much children can change the world :)
    My favorite Little queen :) How exciting it is to see all the wonderful things you've been doing since I last saw you. You are such a great role model. You show everyone, even at a young age, that you can take on a role and do great things for others. Continue to be the amazing girl that you are! I have no doubt that one day you will be competing in Miss America or Miss USA.
    ~Your fellow queen and friend,
    Ashley Bond

  • What a great article to share! You are, no doubt, a wonderful role model, Katie...but not just to those younger than you! I agree with Ashley, one day we'll be seeing you in the big national pageants!!

  • Katie, you are a great role model, and your attitude is a great example to anyone, not just kids! Good luck in your run for Miss America!!!

  • Katie, you are a great role model, and your attitude is a great example to anyone, not just kids! Good luck in your run for Miss America!!!

  • I'm the muckiest man in the world, that's my little girl:)

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