Why I'm moved by The ConAgra Brands Mural

Since getting to my new neighborhood, I've been extremely overwhelmed with all the places to explore. The truth is, because I spent so much time in one part of the city, it's been such a treat learning about my surroundings.

That's why it's incredible that one of my favorite parts of my neighborhood is walking distance from me.

What I'm referencing is a GORGEOUS mural that faces the popular 606, which I would say is an excellent representation of Chicago.

So, when I went into the coffee shop, Ipsento, that is attached to this stunning piece of work, it turns out they have nothing to do it. The mural went up before they moved into that space.

But what a refreshing treat for them.

So, after doing some research, come to find out it was commissioned by ConAgra and done by artist Jeff Zimmerman.  (A surprise to me.) While it sparks some questions about the motivation, I do think it humanizes the area without brand/company driven.

The truth is, it's a great addition to the neighborhood. And it's inspired by Chicago, too, which makes it that much more a great fit.

What a great complement to the area.

It's worth seeing up close honestly!

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