Why classic candy shops are not out of style

Why classic candy shops are not out of style
Windy City Sweets is known for its amazing offerings.

So while I'll admit I'm still learning about my new surroundings, one of the things I LOVED about my old neighborhood was that there was a mix of everything nearby. Yes, that's partially biased to say, but I did get to learn it so well.

So, I set out to find my new go-to sweet shop. One evening, I stopped by Margie's Candies (which I still need to sit down and enjoy), but it wasn't quite what I had in mind. Looked tasty but I was looking for a hodgepodge of candy.

That was then I remembered one of my favorite locations, Windy City Sweets. It's certainly a rare spot, with so many options. I felt like it was the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Plus, having the ability to browse through a multitude of choices AND manage my intake feels like the right answer! (I am guilty of purchasing select pieces so that I don't get carried away.)

Haven't found a second location like that in this neck of the woods. But very appreciative of that kind of spot.

Can't wait to add another sweet spot like that on my list!

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