Why The Wieners Circle is a Chicago gem

I'll admit that I lived on the northside of Chicago for years before I'd ever set foot into The Wieners Circle. Perhaps it was the crowds of late party goers that were always piling up in front of it on weekend nights, but I found it a bit intimidating honestly. Especially having tagged along with some friends looking for late eats and witnessed some of the nighttime chaos.

So, when it garnered a feature spot on Conan when he taped in Chicago and then a few years later drew some press on two different occasions, I realized that it also made me a bit proud too.

But with all of this said, it wasn't until I moved in closer to this hot spot that I realized that it should be getting more love than for its outrageous nighttime antics.

Over the last year, they've taken recent news stories and have turned it into comical fodder that populates their prominent signage.  Although it often takes a progressive slant, you have to respect the bold approach they've chosen to get residents to pay attention. Or at least laugh if they have a sense of humor. (If you've missed some of it, check out the gallery I've included. Maybe it'll jog your memory of some of the major news headlines!)

Yes, you can call them a "local hot dog stand" but I would suggest that their small but bold statements, like Halloween, signage or the staff are what gives them their character. Different strokes, but how many cities can say they have a Wieners Circle?

I'd encourage folks to take photos and share it too on social too (#weinerscircle). It's got such talk value, so they deserve to get some recognition for their creativity, don't you think?


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