Welcome to Our Chitown, a Chicago photo diary!

Welcome to Our Chitown, a Chicago photo diary!
Taken at Michigan Avenue & Ontario. Jenina Nuñez, 2018 (Courtesy of J.Nuñez)

When initially move to Chicago, I found myself rushing to claim New York City first because it was natural to do that since I grew up there.

However, as time passed, I suddenly began to settle into this city and claim it as my Home. Suddenly, I started to learn it in a way I didn't get to know my first hometown. Perhaps, it's because I became an adult here, so I was able to experience it differently, who knows.

Anyway, given what a big powerhouse of a city this is, I decided that it would be fun to launch an online diary that's visually-driven and here's the kicker: powered by Chicagoans. Although I have a few entries to get this started should and will be led and fueled by you, Chicagoans.

With that, I'm opening this up to you! If you'd like to submit, please check out the guidelines:

  • Every entry must include a photo. Remember, this visually led. (You should have permission to publish the photo. Or go and capture your own. Organic and original strongly encouraged!)
  • With your photo, please include a write-up that explains why this photo represents Chicago to YOU. It doesn't need to be literal; it needs to be specific to you. Tell us. Words should be a minimum of 100 words but should be a max of 500 words. Write it as an essay, a series of quotes, a detailed caption, whatever it works for the story you're trying to tell.
  • Remember, Chicago should be at the heart of the entry. It can be your interpretation of Chicago, a memory, something that you believe to be special or unique to Chicago in your eyes, a description of a favorite location, an event, whatever. This submission is Chicago to you.
  • Every submission should come from a Chicagoan!


Want to submit? GO FOR IT! Email us at moments [at]ourchitown.com



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  • I'm sorry, @Dennis Byrne, I am having a bit of technical trouble and it seems that I accidentally made your comment disappear! I hope you'll share with us!

    Thanks for the note! Funny thing, is that once I started living here it was the only thing I called. :-) That said, it's home now. I imagine I'll learn a lot of about this city through this project.

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