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Is Your Sh*t Gonna Fit? Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Yesterday I was working on a project in which the clients had bought a new home. I was in my favorite place-the master closet. I thought I was rocking until box after box began to arrive. I had a moment! This sh*t ain’t gonna fit! I expelled two large boxes of hangers from the closet... Read more »

The Big Shift; Making Your Space Work for Your Lifestyle

Sometimes getting organized is not about getting rid of a lot of things. Its about putting the things you need in close proximity and moving the other stuff. Yup, I call it the “big shift”. I was working with a client last week and we only came up with one small bag of donations, but... Read more »

Clutter and The Couple; Can This Relationship Be Saved

Sometimes I take off the professional organizer hat and put on the marriage counselor hat. Yes, part of my job is to try and help couples coexist in their space in a happy/healthy manner. So what happens when Minimalist Mary marries Hector the Collector? Or when Clara the Clutterbug marries Henry the Hoarder? And lets... Read more »