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Condo Living- Sharing Space With Your Neighbors

I had to laugh when I bought my condo. The president of the board stated “We take great pride in this building and keep it clean.” I guess that didn’t include the basement. Yup, the common basement area of the six flat I live in was a cluster! Stuff everywhere. No rhyme or reason. Little... Read more »

Take Off Your Shoes And Other Tips to Surviving Condo Life

Today is my day off. I had envisioned sleeping in(that means till 7:00 am in my world) and making some blueberry pancakes to start out my day. At 5:15 am the neighbors dog decided to bark like crazy. So much for sleep. I am not thrilled!! Sharing space has its challenges. When I first moved... Read more »

The Formal Dining Room; Do You Really Need It

I am seeing a new trend. The formal dining room is going bye bye. Yes, that is right. Those long tables, the big hutch, and the china collection are no longer being used on a regular basis. Entertaining has gone casual. We aren’t bringing out grandma’s china anymore. In a home where space is challenged,... Read more »