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Organizing Skills I Learned From My Parents

“How did you get to be organized?” That is always the million dollar question. The answer is, its how my brain works. Even as a child I loved to organize. One of my favorite things to do was to empty out my toybox and refill it with the toys. I had a huge wooden toy... Read more »

Life With A Clutterer; A Survival Guide

Would you believe this organized clean freak used to live with a clutterer! Yes, true confessions here! I remember the first time I saw him..Love at first sight. And this chick doesn’t normally fall hard. Then I saw his place! My first thought was “God you are funny”! Yes, our lifestyles would quite different. One of... Read more »

Left with the Hoard; When a Hoarder Passes Away

I got a call the other day. It didn’t shock me and actually I was expecting it. An elderly man that I tried to help a few times, had passed away. His home was hoarded. He had plans of moving into assisted living and needed to clear out his place.  He knew what he needed... Read more »

The Messy Man Cave; When you should leave it alone

At least 10 times per year I get the call. A wife spends quite a while describing her wonderful husband, then hones in on his “messy man cave.” Its always a sore spot. Its ruining her lovely home. So, off I go to work with a man that normally isn’t happy about spending his free time organizing.... Read more »