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Purging With Your Partner

In a perfect world, two people would spend time purging their respective residences before moving in together. They would go through each room and get rid of duplicates and define a decorating style. They would donate or sell, all the excess before combining their space. This isn’t always the case! So what happens when you... Read more »

Everything That Remains- Adapting To A Minimalist Lifestyle

People always ask me if I am a minimalist. Nope, not even close. My mom and I have earring collections that can rival any jewelry store. So when a friend recommended the book Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nocodemus, I had to check it out. The main premise of this book... Read more »

Why You Should Purge On A Regular Basis

As you can imagine, I have been called in to purge homes that people have lived in for 30 plus years. And they are quite full. I always ask “Why didn’t you purge each year?” I always get the same response ” Why should we, there was plenty of room.” And that full home will... Read more »

Things You Should Purge in Your Home

After organizing for 10 years, I find a lot of commonalities in homes. There are some of the same items that I find time and time again, that could use a purging. They tend to get shoved in a corner and forgotten. 1. College Text Books- Lets get real. How many of you actually use... Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of Downsizing

In the last few years, the extreme changes in the economy brought around a new way a life for many people. A lot of people found themselves “downsizing” their lives and space. ┬áThe housing and rental market was flooded. THIS IS NOT AN EASY PROCESS. I am not going to lie to you. It’s time... Read more »

Should You Get Rid Of Things You Haven't Used In A Year? An Organizers Opinion

I am constantly asked, “Should I get rid of things I haven’t used in a year?” My response, it depends on what items you are talking about. In some cases, I would say yes, in others no. Lets start with kitchen appliances. Any good cook has a lot of different cooking aids or appliances. Should... Read more »

Letting Go Of Stuff; An Organizers Story

We all hold onto things that we don’t need or use anymore. Myself included. These items just sit in boxes and wait for us to make a decision on them. All my life I have wanted a little girl. A little mini me. A small version of myself with my crazy curls and a larger... Read more »

The Donating Dilemma- Just Get It Out

I find it everytime. Yup, I see those bags that you forgot about. You didn’t have time to get them out or you stuck them in the closet and forgot about them. Oh, did we just waste 30 minutes going through bags you forgot to donate? Don’t make donating items another project! Get them out!... Read more »

Out with the Old, In With the New; Do you Let the Old Go?

When I came home with my new car the other day, I headed straight toward my filing cabinet(you know where this story is headed). I purged my old car papers and replaced them with my new car papers. Actually some of old papers were in a folder that I had taken car shopping. I found... Read more »

Maxed Out on Space; A Few Alternatives for your Home

Sometimes there is no solution. A space is just plain maxed out. I walked through such a home the other day. I could only come up with three solutions since the client didn’t want to purge(and I am an organizer). Here are a few ideas to help you de-max your space. 1. PURGE..Yes I said... Read more »