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Winter Organizing Projects

In keeping with the spirit of National Get Organized Month, I want to suggest some winter organizing projects. Yes, the weather can play a big part in organizing. Living in Chicago with our Chiberia winters can dictate what we are able to get done. For example, its hard to probably clean out a garage when... Read more »

National GO Month 2016 - Get Organized

Since 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers has celebrated January as “Get Organized” month. It seems fitting since many of us set resolutions for the new year. Getting organized can seem daunting and overwhelming. How should you do it? Where should you begin? Here are some helpful hints. Take a walk around your home... Read more »

Minneapolis Has a Hoarding Task Force; What about Chicago?

Minneapolis recently established a hoarding task force. Its estimated that approximately 10,000 people in Minnesota suffer from hoarding issues. There wasn’t much information about this new group other then they were going to hold community events and help those with hoarding issues. I look forward to seeing how its run and the effects on the... Read more »

Hoarding; Should Professional Organizing be a medically approved treatment

Hoarding Disorder has been approved as a separate category for the DSM-5(diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders). It will stand on its own vs being listed under OCD. It is being defined as “People with persistent difficulity discarding or parting with possessions regardless of their actual value.” With that being said, should Professional Organizing be... Read more »

Shameful But True; I Was More Organized Before I Became an Organizer

Yes its true, I was more organized before I became a professional organizer. I can’t lie. I had everything in my life down to a controlled science. I had a grocery day, errand day, and even a car wash time. Call me a freak if you want! Then I started my business. At first it... Read more »