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Chicago's Recycling Program Sucks; My not so cool solution

You know you have seen me do it! Sometimes you turn your head. I am sure some of you take a picture and post it on facebook(just like I take pictures of the bad “train fashion”). I can’t help it. I have no choice. Due to the challenges of recycling in Chicago- I am become... Read more »

The Home Office; Overstocked and Over Systemized! A three step process to help you get it organized.

The home office; the command center of your home. If it doesn’t function properly, then your home won’t run like a well oiled machine. Bills don’t get paid, paper multiplies, and checks don’t get cashed. When I work on home offices, I often find two main issues; 1. Oversystemized- Too many containers, filing systems, drawers... Read more »

The Paper Problem; Simple Solutions to Get it Under Control

Paper! It breeds like bunnies and takes over our living space. We shred it, hide it and occasionally we file it. But you can’t hide it from the Organizer. I know all the tricks. I will check out all those secret spaces and places you have. I can spy a grocery bag full of paper... Read more »

The Cluttered Home; where to begin

When your whole home needs an overhall, where do you begin? Most of the experts say –paper! I agree. Paper management effects everything that we do. The first step is to create a file and archive system. Identify what paper you need to keep in files. Have a labeled hanging file folder for each category.... Read more »