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Vacation Prep- Getting Your Travel On Without Forgetting Anything

Starting yesterday, the airports and highways were flooded with travelers going to spend the holidays with family and friends. Before you can jump on that plane or get in the car, you have to prep for vacation. Easier said then done at times. I have my rituals before I travel. Crazy as it may seem,... Read more »

Living In A Temporary Home- What Not To Unpack

Sometimes we find ourselves living in a temporary home or space. It may be do to a job transfer, downsizing, or a quick move due to relationship changes. So you pack it all up and then jam in into your new space. If you are living there on a temporary basis, should you unpack all... Read more »

Moving Mayhem; Keeping your move under control

I have moved once in the last thirteen years and I hated every minute of it. The packing, the purging (okay, I did get rid of a small bag), and the reality of what was going to work in my new place, it was like a part time job. Luckily, I had three months time... Read more »

Moving in: Taking the Stress out of cohabitating

Oh the joys of sharing space with the one you love. It can be heaven and it can be hell. Life is what you make of it. Read below as I describe the different scenerios of space sharing and how to make it work. SCENERIO NUMBER ONE: One of you moves in with the other... Read more »

Good packing makes all the difference in your move! Pack it right!!

In the last month  I have worked on five different moves. Proper packing makes all the difference. I have seen the good and I have seen the bad. As with organizing, you want to pack like with like. I worked on a huge move two weeks ago in which every thing was thrown in boxes. There was... Read more »

Temporary Move; Scale down your stuff

Today I helped a client move into a temporary place while her home is being renovated. Its very tiny. Despite giving her alot of  of good prep suggestions, its still pretty crowded with stuff.  A temporary home is just that; temporary. Its main purpose is to provide you with shelter until you can go back... Read more »

Anatomy of an Eviction

Yesterday the neighbors that live above me were evicted. It was a long time coming and very sad for all. One of my neighbors called me and told me that she saw a strange man in the building who was casing the place out.  It turned out he was waiting for the sheriff to arrive.... Read more »

Unpacking Made Easy; It's All About Labeling

In the last week, I have packed and unpacked a house for a client. This was a job that came up at the last minute so we didn’t have time to do a proper “purge” before the move. In packing, just like organizing, you put like with like. You may end up with a couple... Read more »

Don't Haul Your Crap Across The Map; The Premove Purge Is Essential

We live in a dynamic society. People are always on the move! You never know when your number will come up. That perfect job could be waiting for you..even if it is out of the state or country. If you didn’t use or love it before, chances are you won’t need it in your new... Read more »