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Organizing Tips For Moms Of Multiples

A few days ago I gave a speech to a group of Moms of Multiples. Not only do these lovely ladies have twice the stuff but twice the baby gear. Yup, the first several years are compounded by the fact that you need double the swing, cribs, walker, graco bed, and ect. You get the... Read more »

How To Zone Your Space

When you have rooms that function in multiple capacities, you need to set up zones or stations to accommodate your functions. It could be as simple as dedicating a few cabinets to the cause or having the appropriate shelving. Here are some examples of rooms that need to be zoned. THE KITCHEN * Food prep... Read more »

What To Do When Working With A Hoarder

Hoarding is a very sensitive issue. It is caused by a variety of emotions that include depression, addiction, and ocd. It can be a very challenging time for the person and their family. Everyone wants to jump in and help. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle these situations. The Institute... Read more »

January is National Clean up Your Computer Month

Aside from being National “GO” month(get organized), January is also clean up your computer month. We all tend to worry about the space around us, but how many of us tend to our computers on a regular basis? In order to keep your computer running properly, its essential that you keep up with the it.... Read more »

A Few Helpful Tips When Organizing Seniors

A few years ago, I was asked to be a preferred organizer for an assisted living center in my neighborhood. I was to help people downsize their homes and move them into their new condos. As easy as it seems, it comes with its own set of challenges. I quickly learned that I need not... Read more »

Seasonal Organization- Put That Holiday Stuff Away

When helping clients get organized, I always find a few pieces of holiday stuff. That ornament that didn’t make the box or that decoration that was forgotten and still hanging on the wall. The left over holiday items that lay in a pile. Lets not forget the holiday linen that is taking up much needed... Read more »

Setting Up Systems For The Sitter

You not only share your home with your spouse and your kids, but your sitter/nanny as well. In order to keep your home running smoothly, its important to understand what they need and to keep them advised of your organizational systems. Here are some tips to help you share space. 1. Food- make sure that... Read more »

Creating Space or Creating A Mess- The Art Of Cramming For Space

Nothing makes me want to cry more that seeing shelves, a drawer, or a cabinet that is crammed full of stuff. Stuff that you can’t properly see and is just shoved into a space and not categorized. Yes, cramming is a national pastime. I see it everywhere. I, the “non crammer” have been told on... Read more »

How To Organize Kids Craft Supplies

Kids and crafts go hand in hand. Everyone wants to think that they have a little Picasso! Growing up in a creative family, I think its very important to expose children to crafts and let their creativity flow. With creativity also comes the mess. So how do you organize your kids crafts? In a perfect... Read more »

Technical Organization: Getting Those Cords Under Control

My friends and family will probably get a good laugh when they read this blog. I am so not technical. I cried years ago when my boyfriend bought me a palm pilot for valentines day. I held onto my blackberry for dear life until it froze up one too many times. And the same goes... Read more »