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Organizing Fail- Is It You Or The System

In an effort to get organized, many of us toy with different organizing solutions. Some of us our motivated by the “pretty” while others of us go for functional. And there are times when it just doesn’t work! I call this an “Organizing Fail.” Is it you or the system? Here are some questions to... Read more »

Organizing; Getting It Right The First Time

Do you find yourself organizing and re-organizing the same things over and over again. You can never seem to keep it right. Don’t worry you are not alone. I have walked into homes several years after I have organized them only to find the systems gone. I may see a trace of something such as... Read more »

Enablers- Items that Inhibit Your Organization

Usually we call people enablers. You know, those friends that don’t bring out the best in our lives. The ones that encourage or let you step off the bright path of life. In the organizing world, its bad systems. Here are a few systems, that I consider enablers. Stacking files. HATE THEM! Things go in... Read more »

Organizational Systems Failure; Here Is Why

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. Your organizational systems aren’t working and you can’t stay organized. Well, let me tell you what is wrong. * The number one reason your organizing systems aren’t working is that you are not in love with the system. When I work with... Read more »

Are you a visual learner? If so, these tips will help you get organized!

According to statistics, 65% of us are visual learners. Yes, that is right. We need to see things vs hearing them. So in school, it was more effective for us to have things written on the board or instructions on a piece of paper. This type of learning style also affects our organizing style. I know this... Read more »

Organizing; It's Not Rocket Science

People are always amazed that some organizing solutions are simple. Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes to come into your place and give you an evaluation. One client even told me that she could have thought of it herself. Alot of the time it comes down to: * Relocating items * Recontainerizing items... Read more »