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Organizing A Decorator; Getting Those Samples Under Control

┬áSome of my all time favorite projects include organizing decorators offices/showrooms. I guess it stems from my childhood. I remember countless trips to the paint store with my DIY Mom( I wonder where I get it from) and time spent looking through wallpaper books. Most decorators are juggling several clients/ projects at one time. Not... Read more »

The Home Office; Overstocked and Over Systemized! A three step process to help you get it organized.

The home office; the command center of your home. If it doesn’t function properly, then your home won’t run like a well oiled machine. Bills don’t get paid, paper multiplies, and checks don’t get cashed. When I work on home offices, I often find two main issues; 1. Oversystemized- Too many containers, filing systems, drawers... Read more »

The Month of May; Revise your Work Day Schedule

Just when I thought I knew about all the holidays; May is revise your work day schedule. So what can you do to advise your work day? How can you be more productive and add to the many functions? As a business owner, I know this all too well. My most productive hours are between... Read more »