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How I Learned to Say No; Being Realistic About My Time

After another crazy summer, trying to accommodate an overfull plate, I realized things have to change. I can’t be everything to everyone anymore. I am entering a new territory in life- saying no! I am letting go of being the “Go to Gal” and focusing more on what I want to do and it feels... Read more »

February Is National Time Management Month- Little Changes You Can Make To Save Time

As the new year arrives, we have the traditional resolutions. We all write that list. Then February arrives and we find out its time management month. I for one, am always looking for ways to save time. Lets be honest, we all feel like the rat on the wheel sometimes. Too much to do and... Read more »

Time Management for the Returning College Student

Tonight I am giving a speech at a community college to students that have returned to college at an older age. My goal is to give them time management tips for balancing their home life and school work. It makes me think back to my days at the University of North Texas. I was pretty... Read more »

February is National Time Management Month- An Organizers Tips for Managing Time

Time management and organizing go hand in hand. The more time you have, the better organized you will be. The more organized you are, the more time you will have in your daily routine. The National Assocation of Professional Organizers has created this unofficial holiday to bring attention to time management and productivity. These two... Read more »