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National Simplify Your Life Week 2014- 5 Ways To Simplify Your Kitchen

The kitchen, the center of the home. The space were we break bread, share stories, and use as a mobile office. Many times this space is overfilled. With all the cool kitchen gadgets and the new health fads, the kitchen has become a place of entry not exit. We shove stuff in those deep cabinets... Read more »

Simple Steps To Organizing A Kitchen

The kitchen. In my opinion, is the most challenging room in the home to organize. Why, you ask? Most kitchens are designed to fit a space, not a function. Everyone uses their kitchen a little differently. There are people like myself, that love to cook. There are others that heat up pizzas and make macaroni... Read more »

Make Your Kitchen Work For You; Steps To Keep It Organized

I think I should get a prize. I just organized 10 kitchens in a row! Yup, that is right. I have sorted more utensils, pots, and pans than a Crate and Barrel has in stock. As I have said before, the kitchen is the most challenging room to organize. Everyone functions differently in their kitchen.... Read more »

The Spice Cabinet; What should stay and what should go

This weekend I took on my spice cabinet. While it was in an organized state, there were some spices in there that looked a little less than fresh. According to food democracy: Herbs- last 1 to 3 years Ground Spices- last 2 to 3 years Seasoning Blends – last 1 to 2 years I had... Read more »

Kitchen..funky or functional

Being a southern gal, I love nothing better than cooking a great meal. Having a functional kitchen is of upmost importance to any cook. I have seen many a kitchen in Chicago. Dont get me wrong, the designs are incredible..but not functional. Here are some quick tips to make your kitchen work for you! 1.... Read more »