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BBQ or Home Improvement: How Did You Spend Memorial Day

Monday there was a mandatory lock down in the Kelly Casa. I chose to skip two cook outs to get some projects done. So instead of sitting outside, knocking back some sangria and munching on a burger, I was knee deep in home improvement projects. Yup, the social diva stayed away from social media, the... Read more »

Get Control Of Your Home Improvement Projects

When I bought my condo two years ago, I went a little crazy with home improvement projects. I just wanted it all to be done (Yes, I am a Taurus). I would come home in between jobs and paint walls. I ripped out the light fixtures before I had new ones. I was on a... Read more »

Home Staging; Necessary or Not

In a competitive housing market, its really important to have your house shine. With that being said, is it necessary to have your home professionally staged? An average home staging job can cost between $2000 to $8000. Statistics prove that staged homes sell quicker than ones that aren’t staged. Staging is really all about making... Read more »