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7000 Dollars is Sitting in your House!!!

According to the NDP Group, the average American family has $7000 of unused merchandise in their home. This could be anything from clothes, appliances, or furniture. The bigger the home, the bigger the offender. Yes, that is right, check out your storage areas. What to do with the excess in your home? If you aren’t... Read more »

Knick Knacks; A Realistic View of What They Are Worth

During a home clean out or a massive purging process, you always find them. Yes, I am talking about knick knacks, decorative items, and misc things. Alot of these treasures tend to get buried in the past. Sometimes they stay packed from move to move. And now you are ready to sell them. Because they... Read more »

Hoarding; The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When De-hoarding a House

I should have known better. I work with alot of hoarders. This has happened twice in the past to me. You would think that I would not have gone for a three-peat! The biggest mistake you can make when de-hoarding a house is the leave any trash after you are done with the session or... Read more »

Left with the Hoard; When a Hoarder Passes Away

I got a call the other day. It didn’t shock me and actually I was expecting it. An elderly man that I tried to help a few times, had passed away. His home was hoarded. He had plans of moving into assisted living and needed to clear out his place.  He knew what he needed... Read more »

Its Not Disorganization; Its Years of Build Up

Most people think that they are disorganized because they have alot of stuff. NOT TRUE!! Sometimes it comes from living in one place for a long time and not purging on a regular basis. I come across these types of projects all the time. One day you just wake up and want to simplify! Don’t... Read more »

From Treasure to Trash; The Ruins of The Hoard

Heart breaking but true, part of my job is to tell people what they perceive as treasure is trash. It always starts with the story of where and when they bought it. Then comes my line…. * There is no market for it * Its not sellable * Its in a state of ruin Things... Read more »

Hoarding Scale; Levels Four and Five

In my last several blogs, I have discussed the first three levels on the hoarding scale which is published by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Today I am going to outline the level four and five of the scale. Level Four…This level is described as  high Structure and Zoning– excessive clutter of items outdoors and... Read more »