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Five Tips To Help You With Your Holiday Shopping

I did it. I blew out all my shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I am done. For the rest of the month, I can write out a few Christmas cards a day and just relax(oh yeah that’t not in my personality). So with that being said, I thought I would give you some... Read more »

Consumable Gift Giving- Share The Love Without Giving Stuff

Monday was my birthday. I rounded up my best gals, grabbed some great wine from my cellar, and headed off for a dinner at a local Byob. I showed up with 6 bottles of wine which were polished off and came home with five as gifts! Yeah me. Consumable gift giving! I personally love it.... Read more »

Gift Guilt, How to Be A Good Gift Giver

I was helping a client with her basement last week, when I asked if she wanted to keep a stack of picture frames. She paused and I chimed in, “Where they gifts?” Yup, another bunch of gifts that ended up unused and tucked away. GIFT GUILT!!! Several years ago I met a lady at a... Read more »

Consumable Gifts; A smart choice for the person that has it all

I am proud to say that my shopping is done! Every year, I do the majority of my shopping in October. It saves my sanity. I just glance at all the craziness of the month of December and smile! Done! Done! Done! One question I always struggle with it what to get my parents! Yes,... Read more »