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Paper and The Professor- Keeping It Under Control

In a world gone paperless, their are still many jobs that are paper heavy. A College Professor is one of them. Due to research, teaching classes, and publishing demands, there is always a multitude of paper! It just keeps piling up. I have worked with several college professors in an attempt to get their paper... Read more »

The Paper Problem; Simple Solutions to Get it Under Control

Paper! It breeds like bunnies and takes over our living space. We shred it, hide it and occasionally we file it. But you can’t hide it from the Organizer. I know all the tricks. I will check out all those secret spaces and places you have. I can spy a grocery bag full of paper... Read more »

Do You Need a "To File" Pile...Hell No!

If I only had a nickle for everytime someone asked me if they needed a “to file” pile. My answer is HELL NO! Having a to file pile just adds an extra step to your process. Many times we add extra steps in our lives. These extra steps are considered “time robbers”. You would be... Read more »