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Memories Of Mae- Remembering A Mentor

We all have people in our lives that inspire us. Some are family, some are friends, and others we meet along the way in life. Whatever the case, they are special. They make us better. They lift us up and at times carry us. They always know what to say- good or bad. And we... Read more »

Moving in with the Parents; When kids come home to caregive

I am starting to see a trend in caregiving. I have been called to assist in alot of home combining in which the adult kids are moving home to take care of their parents. I know it can be a heartbreaking choice to have to put a parent in a home. My family put my... Read more »

Dream New Dreams, The amazing book by Jai Pausch that made me realize I owe my Dad a huge apology

I am a huge Randy Pausch fan. His book The Last Lecture was life changing to so many people including myself. It really made me think about my life and my goals. When I saw that his widow Jai, had written a book, I knew I had to read it. Jai’s book, Dream New Dreams... Read more »